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I Know Why You're Here

July 25th, 2016 I'm not stupid. I know you saw this little composing shack sitting all by itself and thought you might stop by and stay a spell. I'm sure you had high hopes for what you'd find here as well. Unfortunately, I'm here to tell you that this little shack is going to stay abandoned for a bit longer.

I wouldn't say it's a site that's under construction because look at that shack! It's in pristine condition. No, it's just that this site is going to require a little time before I'm free enough to start contributing content regularly.

But since you're "hear," I'll give you a little information about what this site is going to be. It starts with a little bit of humor and then it gets serious real fast.

In fact, have you ever seen Drunk History? This site is going to be like a really lame version of that. So, basically, I'm only going to post on here when I'm really tired or really drunk. Between the two, I should b…