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Eerie, Haunting Composer Swan Songs

August 4th, 2016 A person's last words seemingly provide an insight into what they value most in life. From those final moments before a firing squad to the last wishes of a dying loved one, our final words carry significance and weight to the people who cared about us in life.
For many people, music is a mysterious and profound art with composers at the helm relentlessly pushing their music to the fore. The imagery of composers breaking down doors to bring their music to the world while enjoying a thrilling and bustling life of adventure, music, and mayhem are some of the most commonly held misconceptions about these brilliant artists.
These are romanticized views of the reality of a composer's life. When a composer reaches the end of their life, what do they reveal in their dying breath? Did Mahler unveil the secret to his 10th? Did Beethoven finally admit that he was listening to you the whole time, and you're out of his will? Did Greig finally expose what really happen…