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I Know Why You're Here

July 25th, 2016

I'm not stupid. I know you saw this little composing shack sitting all by itself and thought you might stop by and stay a spell. I'm sure you had high hopes for what you'd find here as well. Unfortunately, I'm here to tell you that this little shack is going to stay abandoned for a bit longer.

I wouldn't say it's a site that's under construction because look at that shack! It's in pristine condition. No, it's just that this site is going to require a little time before I'm free enough to start contributing content regularly.

But since you're "hear," I'll give you a little information about what this site is going to be. It starts with a little bit of humor and then it gets serious real fast.

In fact, have you ever seen Drunk History? This site is going to be like a really lame version of that. So, basically, I'm only going to post on here when I'm really tired or really drunk. Between the two, I should be posting daily. (Because I'm always tired, not because I'm always drunk.)

You know the feeling. It's similar to when you're out in public, and someone starts waving at you. Now, you have no idea in hell who this person is, but you let our an awkward smile and probably a less than convincing grunt and they just keep getting more animated.

Now they're getting closer, and you've realized you're going to have to say something. At the last moment, the person behind you who you had no idea existed on this planet runs up and gives this person a hug. It's all good, until they both look at you and realize you thought that they were looking at you. How sad.

This site is going to sort of be like that. When there is factual information available, it's going to be accurate. However, if you want that gold, you're going to have to deal with some stark raving lunacy and rambling like you never knew was possible. It's what I do, and if all goes well, I'll annoy the entire Internet and give my wife a vacation.

So, what are we going to cover? I say "we" but we both know who's doing all the work here...

Weird Composer Stuff: I don't especially love history, but we're going to have plenty of stuff that deals with composers and their really strange habits.

Cool Inspiring Stuff: Composers need massive amounts of kudos to keep their egos in high gear. I'm going to share some real tips on how to get and stay inspired. It's actually not that hard.

Novel Musical Analysis: I have this crazy theory that music theory is a conspiracy. It's all fine and good, and it helps composers and musicians to better understand music. The problem is that it doesn't really help you write anything new unless you decide you're going to break down those walls and use your theory knowledge for good.

Just the Bolts: Sometimes, I'll leave the nuts out of the conversation and just give you the straight talk on what you need to do to make me yourself a more successful composer. I'll talk about how to enter contests, tips for publishing, and the best bars to find a violinist that is willing to play your newest piece for cheap.

(Hint: get there ahead of time and tell the bartender to serve only the cheap stuff.)

So enjoy yourself, look at the pretty picture of Mahler's Composing Shack for a while, and then mosey over to that little follow by email box and put in your email address. You won't regret it, and we'll probably have some fun once I get myself out from under this mountain of digital paper I've committed myself to putting words on.


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